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Is Chronic Migraine contributory to dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease?

Getting more forgetful, having more migraines.

Community Answers
  • RonaldConnelly
    1 year ago

    Amazing Post. Grateful for sharing the details. My neighbor’s father in his old age dealing with many diseases like diabetes, dementia. To provide his father with best care facility, he took the help of dementia care NJ professionals. But he always looks for information with which he can help his father. I’m sure your shared article will be really very helpful to him.

  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Naomisdtr18,

    Another great question! I don’t believe we have the answers yet to this one. Here is a study you can take a look at that indicates “…consistently show that those who experience any migraine, migraine with aura or migraine without aura are not at increased risk of cognitive decline.”

    Let me know what you think!

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