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What do you think is the most misunderstood part of living with migraine disease?

Community Answers
  • MigraineSuz
    3 weeks ago

    The fact that migraine pain is not JUST in the head. My whole body hurts like I have the flu. It affects every part of me. I also wish people would realize that even though I push through the day with a migraine, it does not mean I don’t feel like absolute crap! I cannot just stop my life every time I am in pain or I would never get out of bed. Adrenaline helps me get through whatever it is I need to do and then I crash as soon as I get home.

  • migraine123
    3 weeks ago

    Being a quiet person, I find the most difficult aspect of having migraines (apart from the pain) is the fact that people don’t know you are suffering. I don’t want to broadcast my pain like other extroverts may do. So I suffer in silence. It makes me depressed.

  • Zarkaylia
    12 months ago

    Worst is people just caring about how it inconveniences themselves and not understanding how hard it is to live with and overcome.

  • flowereden
    12 months ago

    The extreme traumatizing pain!
    Lights hurt ! its real pain
    Noise (even a little bit) is like stabbing my head
    And above all the aura! No one understands, I have trembling legs, balance issues, trembling hands, n ppl think including my mom that I am just nervous,some say I run from work,or they’ll say I am lazy…..
    And now I even have started having vertigo,though it’s not severe but it stops activities….

  • 21pmbpg
    12 months ago

    I have Vertigo too. For two weeks now. I’m not getting much relief from the migraine either. Feels like someone stabbing me in the left eye and in my temples and forehead. I’m thinking of trying Aimovig, but not sure yet.

  • AngelaAnthony
    12 months ago

    That a migraine isn’t just a “normal” headache. I’ve had people tell me to just take Tylenol and get “over it” I’d like those people to have one, just one of my headaches, with all the nausea, pain and inability to open your eyes because the light hurts.

  • Brody
    12 months ago

    Since I don’t suffer from terrible headaches. I’d say people understanding how difficult the other migraine symptoms are to deal with are.

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