14 Years of Pain

Last updated: June 2020


My name is Dayna Montijo a Puertorrican girl living in the sunflower state, Kansas. In my teenage years, I started having really bad headaches that got me out of school towards the hospital. The pain lasted for days even weeks. It was horrible. Until I moved to Kansas (military) & saw a neurologist who diagnoses me with intractable chronic migraines. It’s not been easy, migraine has made me lose important events, memories & experiences. I’ve been called a liar about my pain, treatments. I’ve been not understood. But hey here I am getting stronger and educating myself to get a better understanding of facts about migraines. I have a really small support system which is my husband, my little daughter, and my sister. For all of you who suffer this horrible pain, I say to you stay positive, stay strong. You will overcome. Stay migraine strong ??

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