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PA-C or Neurologist?

My doctor was reffering me to a nerologist, however, when I got to the appointment I found out I was actually going to be seeing a Physician assistant certified (PA-C). Is there a difference? Is one better than the other?

  1. Hi B-visible,

    There is a difference, neurologists have more training in neurology I believe, than a PA. Having said that, there are PA's who are certified in headache medicine (different than being certified in neurology) that are very knowledgeable about migraine disease.

    In my opinion, it's important to see a doctor who is truly educated in migraine and headache disease. Let me share a few articles that may help with this; and

    I hope that helps!

    1. B-visible,
      There is a HUGE difference in yr.s of education & training! A little over 2 yrs schooling & 1yr residency vs. 4 yrs schooling and 3-7 yrs residency, (after college) A PA works under the “supervision” of a doctor, which in reality means, you don’t necessarily ever see the Dr. The PA practices under the doctor’s license. I see a PA for minor stuff like sinus infections, flu, etc. I personally prefer pain management specialists over neurologists but I have never seen a headache specialist per say. I may do so. Regardless, it is always a good idea to be sure they rule out any other conditions as a cause of your headaches. From what I read, in some states a PA cannot order diagnostics (tests, imaging). Good Luck with whomever you see.

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