4th Generation Migraine Sufferrer

I began having migraines about 20 to 25 years ago. I am now 53. I have no other health problems at all. They began infrequently and then became as regular as my menstrual cycle. Actually they were a part of it. I was told in the early days that a headache was not a migraine unless you throw up. I would like to throw that guy off a bridge! Because of that fine piece of advice I didn't go to a Doctor for years. Finally I woke up and off to the Family Doctor who told me I was having migraines. He gave me Fiorinol. It basically knocked me out but you do not want to make that one a habit. At the same time I began a hobby of genealogy and in my research I asked questions of my Mother.

I knew she had "bad headaches" so I got all the info from her I could. I am sure they were migraines. Hers were never treated and disappeared in menopause. She took aspirin and went to bed as much as 3 days. Her Father had them and His Mother and sister had them as well. Her Father was a heavy smoker and a house painter who was around paint fumes and had his head in bad positions all the time so I am not surprised but his Mother? She was a Native American. I have seen 2 Neurologists and have tried calcium channel blockers (gave me asthma attacks), seratonin, and then topamax as a preventative.

As for me, I take Advil or Aleve early on (rarely works) but Imitrex is the only thing that is my guarantee. I will go nowhere without one on my person. Once I tried acupuncture. A bit scary for me. I have had massage which I think in the long run would be good. Chiropractic care is a big help. My 1st vertebrae has a bit of arthritis and if they keep it moving it is good but if it gets "stuck" it will hurt. Usually I can identify my triggers. I have allergies to trees, grass, some dogs, cats, and dust. Sadly I get them in movies due to the dark room with bright lights situation, but not always (?). I believe exercise is a good preventative. Days when I submit and sit around I tend to feel worse and get bad ones late in the day if I am in a pattern of getting them.

I try to keep my chin up. There are worse things to have and at least I have meds which my Mom and her Dad didn't. I pray my children will not suffer with this family trait.

Best of wishes to all who suffer and I pray there soon be a cure for us.

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