5 Year Anniversary of 24/7 Headache :(

Just hit the 5 year anniversary of this lousy state of affairs. Use to get headaches that went away with taking Tylenol but that stopped 5 years ago. Have done the usual regimen of stuff.....acupuncture....massage and physical therapy....4 rounds of botox....Occipital nerve block shots....spenocath.....Nasal endoscopy, lots of different drugs such as Topamax, Imitrex, Nortriptyline etc..., no food triggers found, went off the meds I take for a couple of weeks each with no result, did try 12 extra strength Tylenol one night with no result but a huge scolding from my GP.

Will be trying Zonisamide starting tonight for about a month or so and if that does not do anything they are thinking of trying mexiletine which does not sound very nice.

To say that I am depressed is a bit of an understatement. Having to deal with this thing 24/7 for five years now has not been fun. The pain level is at least always a 3-4 everyday with peaks around 7 and it does seem like the base level has risen a bit the past few years also.

No accidents or falls or anything else within say a one year period of this starting.

So, thoughts anyone?


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