6 Weeks?

This is really not a story, but a question.......

It's a first for me, I'm used to Migraines that hang around for a couple of weeks, but now I'm on eek 6, pushing 7. Most of the pain runs between 6 and 8 - on that crazy scale that they want you to use - but I can tell you that last Friday I was at 24!
It seems to be the weather - Lows- and we've had a lot of them recently.
Add the 24 to the sneezes of my allergies and it pops up closer to 34!
Anyone have that kind of a migraine? Something that laughs at Excedrin?

Let me know so I can pick your brain - and yes I go to a Neurologist, have taken scripts - they make me sick/throw up/dizzy/don't touch the pain/etc.

Thanks in advance,


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