A family history of migraines : a new & unwelcome discovery

My mother has epilepsy. She was diagnosed as a teenager and it has been controlled with drugs every since (over 50 years now). She was adopted as a child and I have no idea what her mothers medical history was.

I began having what I call migraines as early as age 10 that I can remember. I would wake up with a god awful headache and dizziness and the need to vomit. I would have to spend the day at home in bed with curtains drawn and sipping only ginger ale and eating dry toast.

These migraines continued until I was in my 40s. They only occurred every 3 or 4 months and I eventually worked out that it takes that long for my body to accumulate enough stress and then have to "release" the stress somehow. Sometimes they were set off if I ate too much bread or chocolate. And on one occasion my migraine was definitely set off by the chinese dinner I had to celebrate my 21st birthday. The day after the dinner I was as sick as a dog (that's how I felt). We didn't know anything about MSG back then.

Once I learned to control the stress, to stop taking on other peoples guilt and problems as my own (which is what I grew up doing ), and to watch what I eat, my migraines stopped. Now I am lucky if I have one per year. I do everything I can to NOT get stressed out.

Now my son is showing signs of having inherited my "migraines". When he gets stressed out (and he does frequently), this past weekend he describes those exact same migraine symptoms I had as a child. Dizziness, vomiting, sore tummy and god awful headache. He too spent the day on the couch with the curtains drawn and "voluntarily" not watching TV or being on the computer.

My 9 year old son is a computer addict. For him it has been normal during these summer holidays to be on the computer for 12 hours a day. I would not be at all surprised if the computer screen is setting off these migraines.

I try and control what he eats - but he loves his processed meats (sausages and chicken nuggets). He has sensory problems and finding new things for him to eat is very difficult. I do of course control and deny him, as much of the candy and chocolate and chips (doritos/nachoes/party mix) and junk food filled with MSG as I can.

And I just came across the below statement today. This totally matches my family.

"Other research has shown that mothers with migraines are more than twice as likely to pass along the disorder to their children than fathers with migraines"

I don't know if its on this site or somewhere else.

So what you guys think? Is this a family history of migraines? Could migraines be related to epilepsy - which is also a neurological problem?

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