A life with Migraine

I am 62 years old. I had my first migraine when I was 5. Back then it was not diagnosed, and for a very long time. I used to get those terrible headaches when there was a storm coming in, or a strong wind, or a sudden change in weather. Around 35-37 years old the migraines started to really affect my life and by the time I was 43 it was a daily nightmare: nausea, aura, sensitiveness to sound, migraines for 12-14 days in a raw. Sometimes I would hurt myself somewhere else on my body to try not to feel THIS pain. I was diagnosed, though only 3 years later. I went a few times in the ER, and was put on morphine in IV. To make a long story short: migraines come with depression and despair, and anger and tiredness. I was a mess; could not function really, although I went on working, and taking care of my three children and family. Eventually, my husband left and divorced. (I had two cancers on the road) I tried to look for anything that could help beside and with the "normal" treatment. I went through many different treatments until we could find the one that was good for me: Topamax as a prophyllactic and Zomig when I have a migraine. But I was eager to find something which would help me getting healthy altogether. So I looked on the web: I tried acupuncture, homeopathy, raiki, etc... nothing really helped. (I am in psychoanalysis for the last 12 years, it did not help for my migraine, but it helped me through the depression and the bad times.) And then I tried ...food. And again to make a long story short: three years ago, I stopped eating: dairy products, garlic, onions, spinach, tomatoes and potatoes and eggplants, most fruit. Then my migraines were in control, nearly everyday, still, but with half a Zomig, I could get rid of it and it did not come back until the next episode. Ten months ago, I stopped all sugar, became vegan and started a raw food diet: and it is unbelievible! I have, more or less, one migraine a week, weak, I have so much energy, and optimism. I thank G-d everyday for this. I wish two things:
1- to be completely free from migraines
2- that my experience may help someone else
Please, excuse my English, I was born and raised in France, I live in Israel. English is a second language for me.

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