A long life with Migraine

I remember my first migraine. I was 22 years old in the fall of my first year of teaching and had such a strange headache I went to the ladies room and vomited. That was the first of 40 years of awful headaches. I'm now in my early 70s and have what they call "silent migraine". I no longer get the pain, except rarely, but I have all the other symptoms, mostly with low pressure systems, weather. I have nausea, dizziness, elevated blood pressure, sensitivity to smell. Light, sound, the whole routine, but I'm still grateful for the fact that it is shorter and with no or lees pain.

I took cafergot for years until I ended up in cardiac intensive care one time, at 39, so I don't take any of the newer drugs. Did biofeedback at the local teaching hospital / university in my forties. Not much helped, until age or the psychopharmacologist I saw on my MD's referral tried several drugs together finally gave me relief. I still take a low dose of Wellbutrin SR. Not sure what really helped, but at72 I'm happy to have some peace.

Don't despair. I earned my Masters, my doctorate, had two kids, and a good marriage, though my husband and kids could tell you all the events I missed because I was in a dark room with a cloth over my eyes.

Life has still been great. Keep pushing and don't quit.

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