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At a loss of options

Hi everyone.

I'm a 27 year old girl living with migraines. It all started almost three years ago when i had really bad headaches for a week. It got so bad i went in to the ER and was submitted and tested for meningitous. They did a spinal Tap but the person doing it hit the wrong spot causing me to loose more spinal fluid than intended. This was the beginning of almost three years in hell. They did a blood patch transfer and it worked. I was pain free until one day I wasn't.

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All the pain came rushing back and I was diagnosed with intracranial hypertension, which just recently, has proven to be a misdiagnosis. I finally got to see a specialist which stated that I suffer from chronic stress headaches with some sort of migraine (possibly clusters) topping this quite often.

My problem now is that this pain is so bad I'm not able to go to work anymore. I have a chronic headache which intensifies with stress or emotions which are quite impossible to avoid when working in customer service. The migraine attacks are becoming more severe and more often and I feel like my life is just wasting away in my hands. All my doctors tell me to just hang on and wait till they can figure out what is wrong, but there must be something?? Have anyone had problems going to work and/or had to change career paths due to migraines?

I realize I havent had this as long as many in these forums but please if anyone has any advice please don't hesitate to share.
Thanks for reading :)

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