Aura Without Pain & Vision Issues

I've had these as long as I can remember, and I'm 62 now.

Issues with vision

Never any pain, but I have the visual disturbance in two ways: first the jaggedy bright spot in the center of my field of vision, which grows bigger and gradually recedes to the periphery. Then it fades away. I just got over an episode of this, and it's very annoying...happily, it doesn't hurt though!

More visual disturbances

The other one I call fireballs. It's an extremely bright light in the center of my field of vision. It grows kind of elongated and slowly circles around until it forms a donut shape. This just hangs in the way so I can't see, until it gradually fades out.

Both of these last for less than 30 minutes. I've wondered for years if they were migraine-related, or something wrong with my eyes. I'm glad I found this site because now I'm sure what they are.

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