Couldn't ask for a better family!

I was in a serious automobile accident @ 20 years ago. I crushed the lower part of my body. I did not have significant head injuries by the Neurologist feels the whiplash effect is the underlying source of my migraines. I do have a family history of migraines as well. I started having migraines 2 years after the accident and they have become increasingly worse. I now have chronic daily headaches with migraine 4-5 times a week over the last 4 years. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and had to quit my job due to the severity and frequency of the Migraines. I loved my job and worked very hard to obtain my degree. So, now I am not only depressed due to migraines, I feel useless as I can not be a productive member of my family in regards to financial stability. I have a wonderful supportive husband and family, but it is hard to explain these feeling to someone who has not experienced it. An example of the wonderful support system I have involved my grandson, who was 10 at the time. I was able to go to take him (the oldest of 6 grandchildren) to Florida to Disney World and Universal studios with assistance of my mother, sister and niece. I knew I would have migraines and, after discussing with my neurologist, had saved some abortive medication to try to manage. When we went into Universal Studios I felt the migraine coming and to my abortive medication, but it did not help. I tried to hide my symptoms. It worked for my mother, sister and niece; However, my grandson pick up on it right away. My requested, no insisted, we leave because of my migraine. We went back to the hotel. I tried to get his to go back to the park without me. Telling him I would be OK if I just rested. He refused and stayed by my side until the migraine was under control. This is just one example of my wonderful support system. It stands out because he was willing to give up a trip to Universal Studios to take care of his Na-Na. Now, all the grandkids, my husband, Parents and brother and sister have a better understanding of my symptoms and continue to help me through these devastating migraines. I could not ask for a better family.

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