Brain Tumor

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a bit about myself. I starred having horrible migraines around 4 years ago. The kind where I had to miss work, cancel plans, pretty much in tears all the time. All this time I seen my doctor telling him about my migraines, and I was always told to quit being so stressed out lol. I'll jump to last fall. I was driving to work (with head pain) but this time it was different . I was spinning, faint and drove myself to the E.R. instead of work ( yep, I got in trouble for this) the Dr. Looked at me and said 'You have vertigo and go home and sleep. Umm ok. I did. Within a week I felt worst ( I work for Aldi, and I went to work and had to go home) anyway, I went right back to E.R and demanded a m.r.i . After convincing them, I had one done. Two hours later a team of Drs came in and said I had a large brain tumor( I've probably had it 8 years) I had brain surgery last fall.

Because of that tumor I've lost my balance, hearing in my left ear and I have daily migraines. Because I'm unable to fulfill my job at Aldi. They terminated my employment after 25 years there.. I'd give anything to not deal with migraines anymore but I'm grateful that nasty tumor is gone. It was almost on my brain stem, how scary.. I thank God everyday for my good days.. xoxo. Kat

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