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break glass in case of emergency

Getting a migraine is like getting your finger caught in a car door or hit with a hammer and hoping not to lose the nail. It hurts when you move, it hurts when you aren’t moving. It hurts when you touch it. It hurts when you stop. Neither heat or nor ice make it feel any better. It feels like you broke a bone for sure; and sometimes it gets all hot or all cold for no reason. None of the over the counter (OTC) medications even touch the level of pain or make the throbbing go away. The prescriptions pain meds work about 75% of the time, about as the same as many Americans who know their neighbors. The special pain medications work about 87% of the time, the same number of people who say they would leave their jobs because of compensation. Doctors say that the best practice is to manage your diet, log the hours your sleep, and track your triggers like you were and ant under a magnifying glass. The thing is though, I’m both the ant and the one holding the magnifying glass. Some days it works and some days I light myself on fire, after breaking the glass in case of emergency.

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