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I've written once before about my experiences. Other than that, I have mostly lurked and occassionally commented on other stories. I'm not the type to share a lot.

At the beginning of September, I transferred to a new location for my job because it's closer to home. It's better on gas, plus less wear and tear on my car. Most importantly, however, if I need my husband to come get me from work because of a really bad migraine, it's a lot closer and won't take him as long to get to me. At the time, I was having a good period when it came to my migraines, but, as always, I made sure to warn my boss that I do suffer from chronic migraines and informed them that I have been approved for intermittent FMLA for them.

Despite warning them, it has been nothing but stress with most of the leadership team at the new location after my good period ended. Tomorrow, I have to call HR to make sure they've even reported my FMLA so I don't lose my benefits because they hadn't the first two months I was at this store.

About a week and a half ago, I just couldn't handle it, anymore. It was the fourth day of a new migraine. I'd already called out using FMLA for the three previous days. The thought of having to do it again, once again hearing the judgment, disbelief, and censor in the voice of whichever shift lead I spoke to was just too much for me and I basically had a breakdown. It all just came crashing down on me; the stress of dealing with my employers when it comes to my migraines, the loss of income from missing work that is preventing me from being able to afford the things I want or do the things I want to do, the resurgence of migraine attacks when I had been lucky enough to go for almost 4 mouths with minimal attacks and truly believed that I finally had a good handle on them, having to withdraw from school due to missed time because of the attacks..... All of it just hit me.

I spent about an hour in a practically catatonic state before some coaxing from my husband pulled me out of it enough that I could tell him what was wrong. I'm not sure how long I spent rambling about my migraines and all they've cost me. I didn't recognize myself because I have never been the type to break down.

After this experience, I've decided it may be time to talk to my doctor about the possibility of going on disability, at least temporarily. My primary care physician is referring me to a neurologist because we've gotten to the point where he can't help me manage them anymore.

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