Brian's Story

Hello, I am Brian I've had migraines since I was a kid. I would take meds and lay down, sometimes they'd be gone and sometimes not. I joined the Army and served very honorably. The migraines would come a few times a month, but I could deal with it and put on my people face. I was injured while serving. Since then my migraines are every day. The migraines will get so bad all I can do is pace slow and puke a lot. There was a time when I could lay down to help ease the pain, but not for years now. When they get real out of control I even find myself trying to rest or sleep by leaning on a counter or anything I can lean on, with my microwavable heating bag on my head. If hot enough the pain from the hot bag will take your mind off it for a few mins. The dozing off has resulted in some awesome falls. I've been sent to so many doctors all around the state of WI and given so much meds that don't really work. I've had many types of treatments to different types of occipital nerve blocks (steroids injected in the back of your neck). These made things even worse. They even tried for months trigger point dry needling on the back of my neck and head. They tried other treatments over the years but nothing worked. From all this I've lost pretty much everything. The only thing that gives me a little to go on is I have a very caring and loving girlfriend and my daughter April who comes over by me everyday. I'm on full disability so that helps pay things, usually I can't go outside cause the brightness makes a mild one into a puker and most of the time my computer will do the same. When I read how yous have the same pains it makes me feel bad for yous but at the same time you know you're not the only one in pain all the time. Thank you for allowing me to read about your pains and I hope yours go away soon.

Thanks, Brian

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