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Can someone please help me

Two years ago I passed out while on the treadmill and broke and fractured my skull. I had brain surgery and got some neat metal plates in my head. I had my jaw muscles cut to get the plates in my head and all other fun kinds of things. The accident was extremely severe and I even lost my sense of smell for everything but food. That is the day my headaches started.

I have experienced at least a level 7 migraine 5 days a week for the past two years. It never goes away but may ramp down in intensity. I cannot express this more fully. Giant migraines five days a week when I am working.

I have been to at least six neurologists who are amazed at the story and just tell me I am lucky to be alive and to try yoga, or give me a prescription for NSAID, Really?

So then the story deepens.

Three months ago I was walking our dog. A neighbors dog came out of their house to “get” mine and I ended up on the ground, with another concussion. I think it was at least a level 2. Now I am back beyond where I was two years ago. Both times I hit the language part of my brain and now words are gone, not just when I am about to get a flare up.

This might be OK, but I am a teacher and it is my job to talk. Also, it is a very stressful job. I am getting closer and closer to disability as it is becoming obvious that if I do my job, the quality of my life suffers drastically. I get so tired I can’t get out of bed, let alone drive to work.

I am 37 and have a great husband but I feel bad for him. I just do not know what to do. Any suggestions?

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  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    6 years ago

    Hi Dee,

    You have really been through the wringer haven’t you.

    I am wondering what kind of doctor you’re currently seeing? I highly recommend that you get in to see a Migraine and headache specialist. They really are the tops in their field and do nothing but work with patients like us all day, every day. Here is a link that will help you figure out if your current doctor is a specialist, and also where to find the closest one to you:


  • AmyBabee
    6 years ago

    We are happy to have you. You are in the right place. Hang in there. Dont give up. You really need a good Dr. who can work with you to find the best treatment for you. But before then, they say information/knowledge is power. I dont know who said it, but I know it’s true. I found that reading most of the blog, stories, treatments, on this site gives you a lot of insight and encouragement. Infact I read 90% of this website before I joined or ever posted a comment. It helped me understand that I am not alone in this, and also gave me access to a lot of facts I never knew before. I downloaded some materials which I took to my Dr. (God bless her, she is nice). I mentioned some Drs. who contribute to this website some of whom she also knows, at least by reputation. Be your own advocate. Arm yourself with information/facts so you can take care of yourself and also know when anyone is putting one over you. One of ‘our’ bloggers and fellow migraineur, Teri recommended a book, and I will pass the info on to you as well: The book is ‘Let Patients Help, and the subtitle is A “patient engagement handbook – how doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers can partner for better care’. I found it on for less than $10. Whenever you find a little free time from migraine, do a little research and be in charge of your health. I believe soon, other members will be weighing in with more when they have the time from their own ‘situations’. Dont forget we are all in this together – helping, comforting, caring, and encouraging each other. Those are my humble suggestions. Dont let this disease OWN you. Own IT!

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