Carrying on through music

I had my first migraine attack when I was 19, it was terrifying. I suffer from what some people call a "silent migraine" so I had no warning. I suddenly couldn't string a sentence together, words I'd used in every day sentences had disappeared from my vocabulary, I couldn't feel my arms and I couldn't see. I was rushed into hospital and walked out an hour later feeling dazed but pretty much myself.

Since then it has gradually got worse, I've had attacks where I've forgotten where I live, who I am and my every day life is now completely dictated to by migraine. I've tried various medications and although I've experienced some relief I've also had to deal with strong side effects and I'm still searching for a medication that will at least reduce my attacks.

However the hardest part of suffering with migraine is knowing how capable you are and never being able to use it! When I'm well I find studies easy, I speed through tasks that other people struggle with yet on a bad day just walking in a straight line takes all the brain power I have. I'd almost given up till I turned back to my music... I've always played instruments and sang and it's something I've never had to use my brain for so it was perfect.

Now even on a dodgy day I'm still managing to go out and gig (sometimes a little wobbly on the feet) but it's taken away not all but some of the frustration of never really having a "normal life" and it makes the days I'm stuck in bed a little more bearable.

I think it helps to just find that one little thing that brings you up even if it's only for a very small percentage of the time and to remind yourself you are not just a migraine!

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