Catch 22 of migraines

So, I have semi-chronic migraines (not sure if they're often enough to be considered chronic anymore). And there's a huge Catch-22 to having migraines.

I knew I was going to be sick today. I've felt really sh%$#! the past few days, I've been taking a lot of vitamins to help curb the impending attack, and I had that feeling this morning that I get before an attack. I also had class (college life will be the end of me, I swear). Well, I can't DRIVE. If I get an attack while I'm on the road, that'll be very bad. So, I take the bus.

I'm in class, doing my class thing, I usually get really bad headaches from leaning over the computer for a few hours, and guess what set off the migraine that has been building up for the past few days. Yup! A headache.

So now on to the catch-22 of this story. Bus won't be around for 45 minutes and it's a 1 hour ride home. I know I get nauseated when I have a migraine. I know that I get really loopy with my medicine. My migraines without medication are debilitating. So I'm stuck. I'll not be in the safety of my home for 2 hours, I'm not around anyone I know, do I take my medication and hope nothing goes wrong because of the side effects? Do I not take it, get the debilitating migraine, and hope both that I can still function and don't vomit?

I haven't seen a story on this, but having migraines with abortive medication puts you in real Catch-22 situations. If you put yourself in charge of your own safety (ie drive yourself, etc), well can you function with a migraine? Can you function on your meds? If you decide to take the bus can you ensure your own safety with a migraine? How do you know you won't vomit on public transit? Can you ensure your own safety on your meds?

I feel that this is a real issue migrainuers that have to lean heavily on abortive medications have to experience. Damned it you do, damned if you don't. So, I ended up not taking my medication, only reason why I didn't vomit on the bus was there was someone shadowing the bus driver to learn the route that could get the trash bag for me. But what if I had taken my medicine? I can't focus on it. I'd be extremely out of it. I can't ensure that I'm safe on it. Hell, I can't ensure that I'll be able to get on the bus. I can't ensure that I won't pass out somewhere or fall over and hurt myself from dizziness.

I'm basically damned either way. Does anyone understand?

And as I write this from the safety of my own home, I am VERY high from my medication. Luckily the effects only last a few hours, which doesn't last nearly as long as the migraine.

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