My husband has been my rock. He pushes me, he prays for me, he prays over me, most importantly he will not let me give up and keeps me encouraged that one day we will find the one thing that works. He is always looking and researching for new things, medications, or some off the wall idea to help get our life back. Needless to say he has never mentioned CBD oil so about a month ago when I brought up that I was interested in trying it for migraine and other health issues he laughed at the idea. He wasn't being mean, he was just shocked that I would throw out an idea especially since I had given up on any and all treatments we have been offered and have shot down so many of his off the wall antics. I told him if mind over matter works, I will gladly take it at this point.

He had a bottle ordered and delivered within a week. It's still early in the game but I can definitely tell a difference in my levels of anxiety throughout the day, which helps with the stress. I am feeling hopeful.

Has anyone tried CBD for migraine? If so how is it working for you?

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