Changing Times

My first migraine started when I was 24. I got the aura and actually thought I was going blind! Then I got the horrible headache and my life with migraines began. I am now 61 and they haven't gotten any less over time, but have changed some.

I have almost always experienced the aura before the headache. About seven years ago I began to experience a "complex" migraine where I had cognitive issues for about 30 minutes after the aura and before the headache. This changed my migraines completely.

Now, I am experiencing another change. About six weeks ago, I started to experience tingling in my face, jaw and arms before the headache. I have been through the mill with testing with the cardiologist and neurologist. MRI, stress test and echocardiogram came back normal. Have follow up visits with both doctors in the next ten days. Not sure what next steps are - its a day at a time.

The tingling in my face, jaw and arm were somewhat alarming - thought at first I might be having a stroke - but all signs have pointed now to migraine.

I always heard migraines got fewer as you got older -- guess not for everyone, huh!!

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