Chronic migraine

Hi, just joined, been getting migraines for years but didn't know what they were, thought they were flu, use to get about one a year but now it's one a month, but main problem is that I read everywhere that we get aura for 5-30 minutes then a head pain for a while then you're ok, but not for me, I get tingling, extreme fatigue, diziness and nausea, no headache, and this lasts for 24 - 72 hours, has lasted for 5 days once, then wears off slowly over a day.
I have noticed and experimented with Bananas and they are definitely a trigger for me but although eating them causes it, avoiding them doesn't prevent it.
Just want to know whether or not I sound like a normal migraine sufferer?

I have not been diagnosed by a doctor for this but was diagnosed last year with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation which has similar symptoms with an added arythmia, but this is separate to my migraines although sometimes I get them at the same time, and sometimes not.
Thanks in advance for any advice :-)

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