27 Years & Counting of Chronic Migraines

Last updated: July 2021

I was diagnosed at the age of 12 with migraines. This long journey began while I was in middle school and continuously was being picked up from the school nurse's office.

My recent hospital visit

Now 27 years later, countless number of attacks, medications, treatments, doctors, crying, vomiting, intense pain… this journey still continues. Last night I just got out of the hospital after 3 ER visits in 1 day when I was finally admitted around 4 am Tuesday.

Again, several imaging tests, constant blood work, pain meds, nausea meds round the clock, procedures for nerve blocks and trigger points, not eating for 4 days. I’m home and my journey will continue.

The struggle

I can empathize & relate to many individuals who suffer from no “cure”, no “end” in sight. A hindered lifestyle for we never know when an attack will come on or when a minor headache escalates in a matter of minutes. It’s a struggle that’s REAL.

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