Chronic Migraine Sufferer Finally Finds Relief

Up to about four weeks ago, I was constantly googling "migraine treatments" and reading forums like this one to see if there would be any new treatment that could help reduce my chronic migraine pain. From the age of 13 on, I have had severe menstrual migraines that would leave me bed-ridden for about a day or two. And then, beginning about four years ago (I am 23) my migraines began to increase exponentially until I was getting one every other day and the pain would never fully go away following an episode. Like many other migraine sufferers on this site, I tried every version of typical migraine treatment out there: Imitrex, Ralpax, Maxalt, Zomig, Botox name it. Nothing worked. I even tried all the medicinal remedies listed on holistic sites. Same result.

After calling my primary care doctor crying in pain three weeks ago, she finally sent me along an article about how many people who have gotten rid of their migraines have discovered they have an allergy that is being manifested as a migraine. She suggested I start an anti-pain diet to see if maybe I had a food allergy I didn't know about. So I began the diet (which cut out all meat, dairy, eggs and preservatives) and started to feel better. And then I felt really good. As in I didn't have a single migraine since beginning my diet change. This past week, my doctor instructed me to start adding foods back into my diet one at a time. If they caused a migraine then I shouldn't eat them anymore. It turns out I am allergic to casein - a protein found in all dairy products.

It has been nearly 4 weeks and I am still completely migraine free. Obviously time will tell if my migraines will remain at bay for the rest of my life - but this is the first time in 4 years that I haven't been in excruciating pain most of the time. I know that many people who will read this story think this probably won't work for me - and it might not. But finding a doctor who cares more about finding your triggers instead of treating the migraine could help more than all the fancy migraine treatments most doctors give us. Good luck to everyone else in their search for relief.

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