Could you please give me an axe!

At the age of 12 I had my first migraine with symptoms of vomiting. Growing up I watched my father and my grandmother (both sides of the family) go through migraines! I was destine to have them and genetically too. Additionally, I was also diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which is often associated with migraines and headaches for the ADHD puts a lot of strain on the brain. Besides having ADHD I grew up in Christian home where the parrents are taught to physically discipline your children by hitting them. However, my mother went beyond that especially since she walks with crutches she would use her crutch and hit me over the head numerous times growing up as a child. So with genetics, ADHD and the physical abuse it was obvious where my migraines started.

The first one started when I was 12 years old than I didn't get another one until the age of thrity-five and thats where my life almost came to full stop! My than current relationship fell apart I had to take six months off from college to get them under control. I suffer from them daily as soon as I wake up I have one already pounding. Now that I'm forty-five and I have seen numerous neurologists they all say the same thing that after I go through menopause they should slow down.

My migraines I get them around my menstrual cycle much more than when I first started getting them at the age of thrity-five. But if you were to look at my medicine cabinet you would think this woman is a mental case. Yes, most of the medications I take are mostly for my brain! Currently working on my PhD in psychology I keep it a secret that I have migraines even in the field that I'm getting my degree in. Most of the population doesn't know what a migraine is or even what headaches can feel like which I am thankful for those that don't get them! Depending on the semester and how stressful it is I can end up at the Emergency room once a month with a pounding migraine that all I want is an axe to just chop off my head.

Think about it, if you have pain anywhere in your body your brain can help you go somewhere else and not feel the pain as much. But when its your brain that is giving you the throbbing pain there is no escape..none! I have tried to run to my big toe but I just can't make it down that far since I have long legs. So if my Imitrex doesn't work(they are called aborters) I go to the ER and they have to give me a shot to knock it out. Rarely I get an ER doctor who doesn't know a thing about migraines treat me like I'm malingering or worse that I want narcotics. It is very sad when an ER doctor treats you like you are not doing enough to prevent the headache you have pounding and you have no other place you would rather be on a Friday night but at some ER room. I don't know how the past generation got through them and I have to say we are very fortunate to have the medications we do to help knock them out. I still have days where I ask, "could you please give me an axe!"

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