Chronic Migraines...32 Years and still ticking

I had my first migraine when I was 18. It was the only one I remember having aura, and it put me in the ER.

Common Triggers
Weather Changes
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I didn't have another migraine for a few years so thought it was a fluke.

Then, BAM...pounding, head pulsing, feeling like someone was squeezing my head in a vise and poking my eyes with an ice pick 15-20 days a month. I've tried every med out there, was in a Botox study at Mayo clinic years ago, it worked (and I looked good too! ha) but work dropped Mayo, so no more Botox.

Now I'm on 200 mg Topamax, 10 mg amitriptyline daily and Imitrex 100 mg when migraine hits. Nothing works anymore and I have to work for insurance. I get through them the best I can...good times

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