Chronic Migraines Forever

I’ve had migraines since I was 16 that developed into chronic migraines (20-28 per month) in my forties - I am 67 years old now. I have tried everything except Botox, which I chose not to try. I am side-effect sensitive, so even the medications that helped my migraines some were not worth it because of the side effects. I have taken Imitrex as my abortive forever - up to 18 pills per month (which is all I’m allowed with my insurance). No preventatives have helped. Topamax was the last one I tried - it did reduce the number of migraines I had every month, but I couldn’t eat because of extreme nausea and vomiting daily.

CGRP injections

My physician asked if I wanted to give Aimovig a try. I researched it and patient reviews and decided to give it a try. I was apprehensive about the side effects but hopeful it might work. I had my first injection two and a half weeks ago. I had no reactions to the injection. I continued to have migraines for ten days straight, then one-day migraine free, next day migraine, for 7
more days. 13 Migraines in 17 days - normal for me.

Triptan tablet

But, when my last migraine came on, I took Imitrex and was migraine-free in 45 minutes, instead of taking 2-4 hours to abate. I wonder if it is the Aimovig.

After only two and a half weeks, I’m not sure if the Aimovig will work for me, but I am willing to continue taking it for the three months the doctor recommended. He said it will either work or it will not, by then. I am hopeful that I will. I’ll keep you updated.

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