My Migraine Story

I am not good at communicating. Please bear with me. My struggle with this disease began in 2006. I was on an adventure with a friend. We were riding our Harleys across the country to Barstow, California from a little town in North Carolina called Advance. Our plan was to ride 500 miles each day get a motel room and repeat the same process the next day. I was 62 years old at the time. My old Harley had 90 thousand miles on her but was in great condition. My friend was a little younger and so was his Harley. So off we go. This was a great start to a wonderful adventure. If we did not do it now we would never be able to do it.

My cross country trip

The trip out was wonderful no pain. We rode from Barstow to Eureka, California. We began our trip home to Advance, NC. We were traveling smoothly until we were just outside Amarillo, Texas. We were traveling along at a good speed. I, all of a sudden, had pain like I had been struck on the left side of my head with a hammer with a spike in it. I began screaming as loud as I could. I wanted to rub the left side of my head as hard as I could but I could not. Texas is a helmet state. Luckily for me, my friend had to get some gas and relieve himself. While he was doing this I threw off my helmet and scrubbed the left side of my head as hard as I could.

Ten minutes later, I had some relief. So off we go towards home. No further problems.

Migraine attacks occurring more often

Later, I began having these attacks more frequently. I had another attack on the way home during a trip to ROLLING THUNDER DC. While the group was having lunch I had to sit outside and rub my head and scream. I now have pain 24/7 no breaks. I have had several neurologists. I have tried everything, meds and procedures. I have been on the prayer list at church. I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator. This does help but it does not end the pain.

Comfort from the migraine community

This brings my story to today. My pain level is 5-Screaming. Talking with other sufferers and knowing that I am not alone in this struggle helps dealing with this dreadful disease.

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