Getting Diagnosed When You Already Have an Illness

I have lived with chronic pain most of my life so at first the tunnel vision and pain were just part of what I struggled through. Then my symptoms changed.

Noticing new migraine symptoms

I was losing speech and confused. Numb on my left side and tingly. They thought I was having minor strokes. My eyes hurt so bad and the visual anomalies became permanent. They sent me to an eye Dr, who said I was going blind. This all went on for a very long time before they thought of migraine. I have several autoimmune disorders and my rheumatologist and a neurologist with her practice diagnosed chronic migraines. I have many types, in fact, they believe I live in a migraine state.

Migraine without pain

Some are even pain-free but I am still in the out-of-it stage. The best solution we have come up with is I take amitriptyline daily to dull me and enable me to have some self-care. I had to go on disability years ago. I just live in a dark world because almost any stimulation has become too much, ie. light, noise, smells.

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