COVID19 and Cleaning Agents

I have a work position deemed "essential" which I have no issue with HOWEVER during this global event that we are exposed to comes guidelines and restrictions. First gripe, various cleaning agents which I don't mind either but I am in an office with over 20 people (yes we are social distancing) all in fear of contracting COVID19 is a mecca of people constantly cleaning with who knows what but the smells have me suffering in silence. Also, the facial coverings which I find hard to breathe and minimization of oxygen has my light-headed with pain. Don't get me wrong I totally get it. I am tired of the different levels of suffering, and I have all but stopped my self from complaining up to this point because I am frustrated. And before anyone says "just stay at home" I take my employment very seriously and although i am one of many I do feel like I make a difference. Anyone else in this position? And if so what are you doing as a coping mechanism other than the usual song and dance.

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