A Migraine Commune

What would a commune of persons with migraine disorders look like? Sound like? Smell like? How would it feel?

If all accommodations were made to the greatest suffering, I suppose it'd be a black, muted, odorless, soft void. ...

And we'd still get migraines.

But we are each unique, and we each probably want to live in a richer world.

But, I do have a personal commune fantasy.

Because, I live in a multi-unit building. And so, my neighbors in the engagement of their ordinary lives are unwitting triggers.

And I live in a town where a stand alone home is out of my budget or in a neighborhood rife with other triggers. A town full of triggers besides.

Am I to move to another town, to an isolated house miles from civilization? Maybe. I'd likely have migraines anyway.

Am I to request all my neighbors live ultra-quiet lives, dim all their lights, and only cook indoors? Hardly. I'd likely have migraines anyway.

But in my fantasy, I can live in a social world. I can have neighbors. I sit inside my own home with minimal triggers. I can sit outside.

It sounds like a simple fantasy.

Yet, it would take so much change for it to be real, that it will always be a fantasy.

It's the same fantasy anyone with a chronic ailment has: to just live in peace, relatively symptom free, in good company.

Thank you for reading.

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