Communication...or lack there of

I'm just replying to what I've read here from others who have related their stories of trying to communicate effectively whilst in the throes of full blown migraine hell, which is the only way I can describe the way it feels.

For me, it's almost impossible and I don't use that term loosely. I had yet another horrible bout just yesterday and my sister had to drop everything and come all the way to my house to take me to urgent care.  There the doctors questioned me on any allergies I had to drugs, at which I could barely talk at all much less form a coherent sentence.   They finally gave me two injections, one for the head pain and one for the nausea, neither of which worked very well. When I got home I went straight back to bed but after only an hour or so of sleep, woke to more vomiting and dry heaving which happened three times.  Which is somewhat of an improvement, considering prior to getting the shots it was every five minutes to thirty minutes of waking and having to retch violently.  But this is worth noting because the shots have worked much better in the past when I've had similarly bad episodes of nausea/ vomiting/ horrible headache etc...the doctors seem to be fairly perplexed as to what is wrong, but they are becoming familiar with me due to my increasing visits there- twice in the past month.

I know the main topic I wanted to comment on here was the lack of ability to talk, communicate when feeling like I'm one second away from either throwing up violently or fainting or both and having to lie down even in the waiting room and having to bring a bucket/ wastebasket into the clinic with me, etc etc... I think I actually may have frightened some of the other patients and the staff there but I was way too sick to care. I can hardly talk at all much less do so effectively, luckily my sister was there to translate for me. So I know what this hell is like and my heart so goes out to anyone who is dealing with this and I sincerely hope it's not as bad as what I'm going through. I do believe that though the shots didn't take the pain/nausea etc. away completely it did enable me to sleep (eventually) enough so where I woke up this morning I was able to take a Maxalt MLT and the headache finally went away.

I have three different "rescue" meds, one is the regular Zomig tablet which I take with water only when I'm not feeling any inkling of nausea.  Then the next one is the Maxalt MLT, dissolving tablet, which I take when already feel sick. Finally, I have the Zomig nasal spray which has worked well in the past but gives me really bad nose bleeds. I also have the "eppy pen' type injectable Sumatriptan which when I'm that sick I can't get to work right for me because, as crazy as it may sound, I am too weak to even do that so unfortunately I don't even bother with that any more. But like I said, I had this the minute I woke up and I could tell right away that I was going to get sick and the meds almost certainly weren't going to work, and after lying there for about an hour fighting the nausea to try to give the meds a chance to work, it was all for naught.

So I thank you for letting me tell my story here and for reading and for providing me with a place to do that. It really helps to know I'm not alone, as much as I wish no one else has to suffer like this.

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