The Complexity Of My Migraines

I'm 40 years old and have suffered from severe health issues since adolescence. In 2003 I had my entire colon removed due to ulcerative colitis but for some unexplained reason the autoimmune disease has stayed in my body and now attacks my joints and connective tissue. On top of this I have suffered debilitating migraines since my 20s, thought to be brought on by both the autoimmune disease as well as PTSD from childhood trauma.

In the past 6 months I've worked with a pain specialist who has me weaned off several strong narcotics and between that and Botox, my migraines have been more manageable. I have visual auras and am extremely sensitive to smells so I've been able to catch a few of my migraines and treat them with Imitrex before they are out of control. However, I have begun experiencing abdominal migraines which I can't catch early and they are terrifying. I see a GI regularly so we've ruled out the symptoms being GI related and based on the research I could find they fit the criteria. The pain is excruciating. If I can catch the symptoms early Imitrex will help but I am still stuck in bed for hours with these form of migraines. I'd love to know what could trigger the onset when I'm 40.

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