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“Complicated Migraine”

Last week while on the phone with my son, i noticed a blind spot in my right eye accompanied with aphasia/trouble forming words. i immediately went to the ER thinking stroke because of strong family history re both parents fate. within 2 minutes i was fine, but went to ER anyway thinking possible TIA or carotid blockage.

in ER, i was strong, speaking appropriately, etc. but after taking history, i had to have an MRI which was not fun – 45 minutes – and then contrast dye which i was ALLERGIC to – hives, burning, throat closing. back to ER room where they administered benedryl IV, steroids, and an atavan b/c i was terrified at this point.

MRI was ‘underwhelming’ per neurologist’s evaluation. my dx was “complicated migraine” yet i had NO PAIN ever. when in my 50s i was prone to regular migraines for years complete with horrible pain, diarrhea, vomiting and 8 hours of being too sick to die …

i went to my opthalomogist to make sure my eye was not in trouble and it was fine as well.

i just wanted everyone out there to know that you can have a “silent or complicated” migraine, and ocular migraine with its’ own aura. another migraine trigger has always been barometric pressure and if i can catch the symptoms quickly enough, coffee/benedryl can help. otherwise, i’m a mess for possibly the rest of the day.

best to everyone suffering any kind of migraine. unless you’ve experienced this, it’s difficult to explain.

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  • congen1
    2 years ago

    Am being discharged today. Diagnosed with hemaplegic migraines. Or complex migraines with stroke and seizure like symptoms as well as light and noise sensitivity and the pounding headache. This has been beyond terrifying for me and my husband

  • Luna
    2 years ago

    “Silent or complicated” migraine is very difficult to explain. Especially when one is being affected by it but any time actually. Since it hijacks the communication and thinking skills. I just finished an educational page to give to people to help them understand migraine. They just have a terrible time understanding that there is a lot more to migraine than head pain. Fortunately there are articles on this site that list a lot of the “other” symptoms that I have taken info from to compile the symptoms part. I’ve included a short version of what research has learned about the migraine brain and what they don’t know yet.

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