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For the past 5 months I have been experiencing blurred vision, numbness in one or both arms without headache/migraines. Completed diagnostic tests to rule out other causes -all negative. Final diagnosis migraine aura. I am new to this and unsure.

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  • pigen51
    7 months ago

    Until you hear about it, you think it is uncommon. But then afterwards, you find out that a great number have migraine without the headache.
    I spent 35 plus years working in a melt shop, and one of the other guys there who had about the same time in service, was blacking out, at least his eyes were, the rest of him was just fine. He also got sick to his stomach, loud noises bothered him, on occasion fevers and chills. Basically, he had just about every single thing that you might expect to get if he had a full blown classic or common migraine.
    of course, his wife was scared, thinking he was having some kind of internal brain issue, like a stroke, or an aneurysm,etc. They got into a neurologist withing like a week and a half, something that is unheard of. My appointment for my new doctor took me 3 months to see him.
    but of course the guy was worried about things, and his wife pushed him into finding out what was going on. I would have never thought to guess though.
    So wish me luck with my upcoming appointment. Even to get a day or two per week where I feel totally like myself, would at this point, be a welcome outcome.

  • mimi
    7 months ago

    I was also diagnosed with migraines due to auras without headaches. One of my auras was numbness in the arm. I do have other auras as well but the numbness on its own is enough!

  • AnnieA
    7 months ago

    It’s an extremely troubling time when being diagnosed with migraines. I’m glad you have an understanding medical team that took your symptoms seriously. Migraines have a stigma as being “just a bad headache”. But its actually more common than you think to have an aura without the pain. The first year with symptoms and a diagnosis can be difficult as you learn to understand and manage your attacks. Just stay strong. It will get better with time.

  • Nancy Harris Bonk moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi carseneau,

    Thank you for your question. I know getting a new diagnosis can be difficult, however, if we learn all we can about our particular type of migraine (s), we’ll be able to get the correct treatment. We have plenty of information here and a wonderful supportive community.

    Migraine is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning there is no image study or blood test to confirm it. A diagnosis is determined after the doctor gives you a complete exam, discusses your symptoms and goes over your medical history.

    You may want to start keeping a detailed migraine diary. This can help you identify migraine attack triggers and any patterns your attacks may have. Here is more information on this; Most true migraine experts encourage their patients to keep a diary.

    If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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