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Constant Fear

I am lucky enough to have found the right medication to cause my migraines to go from chronic to episodic. However I live in constant fear that I will end up back chronic. I am not symptomless, my head is always foggy, I get confused really easily, tinnitus, vertigo etc but I am not in pain and I never really “peak”. I feel like my ~good luck~ is going to run out and punish me worse than ever.

Does anyone know of any way to alleviate this anxiety as I feel it will inevitably help turn me back chronic?

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  • DizzyLady
    3 months ago

    I have just started using the Curable app, which deals with retraining the brain for relief from chronic pain. An important element of it is dealing with the fear factor that is caused by the experience of pain. Too soon for me to tell what it will do for me, but it’s science-based and has helped a lot of people….I am hopeful. You might check it out in case it helps you. Wishing you all the best!

  • hkhCalled
    3 months ago

    Tui Na Chinese Therapy has helped (me) TREMENDOUSLY with migraine tension and anxiety.

  • kmripple
    3 months ago

    I’ve been there. I am so sorry you are feeling this way.

    If you think about it, your body has felt/been “under attack” for a long time. And it is still under attack -you don’t have head pain but are still suffering from a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms that significantly affect your quality of life and leave you exhausted, not only physically but mentally.

    Something that took me by surprise was how long it took me to recover emotionally and mentally from the two years when I had 24/7 migraines. Like you, I saw an improvement in my condition, even if I still had symptoms. Meds started working, I was much more functional and was able to enjoy life with less pain, even if my new life was different from my old life. But the intensity of emotional distress I felt in my journey was similar to the emotional distress of losing a brother suddenly. And I am not exaggerating. To me I was getting better physically, but I had not counted on how long it would take me to recover emotionally from those two years of 24/7 migraines. It took me probably 3 or 4 years, through a gradual process, to not live in constant fear of reverting to uncontrolled daily migraines.

    Think of the mind as a spring. Springs have a thing called elastic memory -they stretch but go back to their original form. But if the spring is constantly being stretched beyond its normal capacity, it will have trouble going back to its original shape. It will take time for the spring to go back to its original shape.

    Even with all the progress, when a migraine turns into a four plus day affair, the fear rears up its ugly head and takes control for a bit.

    Be kind to yourself. I hope you feel better. Sending you good vibes and much love.

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