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I recently began trying acupuncture for migraine and on two separate occasions it has worked quite well. A needle to the crown of my head stopped one completely while in the forming stage. It has been nearly two weeks since I've had a real migraine.

But of more import I recently discovered that I have the methylation reductase gene deficiency on two genes (heterozygous). I also discovered that with this mutation that folic acid is a no no to consume. It is amazing how much folic acid there is in everything. I also found out that folic acid is an artificial substance that we add to things. I need to consume folate and particularly methylated folate since I lack the enzymes to efficiently metabolize folate. Both of my mutations have anecdotal evidence of migraine with their presence.

So I've started a course of treatment with l-methyl folate, methylcobalamin b12, b6 and riboflavin b2. We'll see where this goes.

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