Crippling Disease

I experenced my first migraine at about age 14, I have been getting them pretty regular for the past 10 years. I have just turned 40. I had the worst Migraine episode of my life that started Monday October 17th, 2011, that lasted for 18 solid days. I became so ill during that time I thought something very serious was wrong with me, I literally thought I was going to die before the episode ended.

I was so nauseous (crippling nausea like never before), certain smells and candles would just make me so sick, I was weak, light headed, shortness of breath I mean I did not have the strength to stand and take a shower or walk down my hallway without giving out of breath and having to sit down.

I don't think I have ever been that sick before. I had been to my OBGYN, the ER my medical Doctor and then to a Neurologist (a new one had been to others) all during this time. I had to have someone drive me to most of my appointments. I missed so many days of work. I was already on Topamax 100mgs a day and Imitrex 50mg when needed. The Neurologist said I had Chronic Migraines (again) and upped my Topamax to 300mg a day & Imitrex to 100mg and perscribed me phentergen 50mg for nausea, Fioricet & naproxen.

I had an MRI & all kinds of blood work everything came back clear! But I could not take 300mgs of topamax it was making me even more nauseous & forgetful. I lost about 20 pounds Oct-Dec. Now since that episode I have a lot of nausea and smells bother me that never did before even when I am not having a migraine. Sometimes the worst part of my migraines are the nausea it starts before the headache I have the aura's also and when I do have migraines they seem to come in episodes several days in a row I just had them for 1 week they were never this way before. I am getting no where with my Neurologist except bills and discouragement. I feel like I just haven't been the same since my bad episode I had in October I never had nausea like this except for when I had a very bad Migraine. I do think I have some relief from the topamax but Imitex is just not effective I have tried other triptans in the past with not much luck. So discouraged 8 months later.......

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