Migraine and cysts

I would like to have the community's opinion about cysts and migraines. I know there is sometimes a link between migraines but it is a link I haven't made until yesterday.
I have an uterine cyst (it was discovered last September after it partially bursted). Yesterday I had a violent migraine starting at the same time as a shooting pain where my cyst is and nausea starting at the same time. I've had migraine for the past five years and never before a cyst seemed to start one.

I thought at first that maybe the cyst had burst or at least partially but it doesn't seem to be the case. (and yes I know where it is it hurts at least once every month) I found good ways to manage the pain the and the frequency of my migraines in the last few months through diet changes and supplements and it is the most violent migraine I had in months.

I know I should turn to a specialist for that but my neurologist doesn't give me any useful information at all and I can't see my gynecologist before a few weeks.

If any of you has a similar experience or has an interesting theory, I would take it, anything, really.

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