I started my periods at 10 yrs old. I often had headaches that came with them but never to the point of a migraine. My mother would get her "Bad Headaches" but she never classified them as migraines (now I know better!).

About the time I had my daughter (28 yrs) I started getting actual migraines. Over the years they have increased in pain and morphed into various types of pain. They always start behind my left eye. Then intensify. I met with a regular doctor for them shortly after my 29 birthday. He gave me some heavy weight opiates (vicoden) and sent me on my way.

After changing doctors several years later the new doctor (a women who I had hoped would understand) followed the same course of action but added Meclazzine for the nausea. After a few years she took the vicoden away saying that, "I could not possibly be having that many migraines. I must be hooked on the pills". I was shocked--given that she was a women! Yet,my first doctor was a man and had understood my pain. After the "new" doctor stopped treating my migraines--I stopped seeing her!

This left me hanging out to dry with no meds, no doctor that cared, and many days/nights in a dark room with ice packs on my neck. I missed many family functions and my then husband took to mocking me in my pain--he just could not understand/nor try to understand.

After reading some of the things on this site I set out to find a headache doctor or neurologist. I evently found a wonderful neurologist that took the time to actually talk to me about what I was experiencing and together we formed a plan of attack.

My migraines continue to "transform". Oh I still get them behind my left eye, but now I get the side of my temple that is so painful(even to the touch), the light sensitivity, etc. And it appears I am more sensitive to the changing weather patterns. I can always tell when a front is coming through--my head tells me. "They" have told me that the migraines would be getting better as I stopped having periods. Well, I stopped having periods about 5 years ago. "They" are wrong!! They continue to get worse and change habits (sometimes just the sick to the stomach with minor headache), then other times just sensitive to light/sound and major pain. All in the same "area" of my left eye.

My neurologist has me on Butalbital and Meclazzine for my stomach. My niece has started having migraines as well (she is only 12), her school has "had their fill of her "sick" headaches. My sister is finally going to take her to a headache specialist in their town.
My current husband also gets some migraines and cluster headaches. He tells me that the migraines are 10X worse than the cluster headaches he normally gets. He is in my corner on this one! His support is so very vital as I go through this. His support does not make the migraines any less painful, but he is always there to understand and take care of me on the headache days.

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