Could defective RNA be the problem?

I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia back in the late 60s and early 70s until we moved to the Atlanta area back in 1974. But while I was living in Pennsylvania, the summers were endless fun. My friends and I played outside until the street lights came on. We had block parties and July 4th parades that came right down our little street. We also had the Mosquito truck. Every night in the summer, the truck would drive around the neighborhoods spewing DDT smoke out the back. And all of us kids would ride our bicycles BEHIND the truck - breathing in that smoke. Of course, no one knew the dangers of DDT then. No one stopped us. Parents laughed as we all heard the truck coming and would jump on our bikes.

I've also had a bad case of whiplash within the last 30 years. I had it so bad I could not move my head a millimeter. I couldn't blink without pain!

So, it makes me wonder, by reading all of the stories on here, could I be suffering from migraine because of whiplash? Or could the DDT actually have caused defects in my RNA/DNA?

I've had 4 children (a single, and triplets). They were born healthy - except for jaundice that passed. But now, my daughter and I both have lichen schlerosis in our girlie parts. All three of the triplets suffer from testosterone deficiencies (daughter included). One of the triplet boys has constant pain in his back (but no tumors or anything).

I think it's just something to think about. I wish I hadn't been so stupid when I was a kid. But then, I was a kid.

The migraines are every day and have been for almost twenty years. I've tried every preventative out there. I've done botox. I've done massage. I've done dieting. I can't exercise without causing the migraine to kick in. I don't tolerate hot weather, bright sunlight, loud prolonged noise, strong odors. I'm better off in my house with the lights out. But I miss so much. If it wasn't for the daily triptans and pain killers, I couldn't get through the days. They are what help me exist. But they just give me something else to be concerned about: will there be long term effects from the pain killers? Ugh. We just can't win, can we?

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