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Migraines and Depression

Sigh. (deep breathe. exhale)

I have been communicating with my neurologist for several months that my migraines have been changing as I've gotten older. One major change is at the peak of a migraine attack I develop severe depression, and over time it has gotten intense. I reached out to my regular doctor and my OB/GYN as well in regards to the same issue. Anyone that has ever dealt with the wheels of progress changing knows it's a painstakingly slow process.

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Long story short at the height of 4am migraine I lost my sh%* (excuse my french) I just couldn't friggin take dealing with the crap, the pain, the complaining all of it. I snapped. By the time it was all said and done I ended up on what law enforcement calls a 5250 hold. (sigh)

I am having a hard time talking about this because the hole I dug for myself was made worse by uncontrollable pain. Prior to this situation I sought out help, I asked, I questioned, I communicated with anyone who had the power to help me but help came in the form a police arrest. Whats even sadder after the hold the ball was dropped again and I am essential in the same position as before "seeking help" for the depression I experience during the height of my migraines.

I'm tired. I am worn. And I am still on the path to seek answers. Starting with making changes to seek out a migraine specialist. I refuse to be pushed into silence or made to feel like its literally all in my head when I know it is not.

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