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Has your migraine frequency changed over time & with age?

Share your experience here! Has it increased, decreased or stayed the same?

If it has changed, can you attribute the change(s) to anything? We'd love to learn more about your personal journey with migraine.

  1. I think that's a pretty broad question. At 30, I would have said that my migraines had become worse with age. Now being in my mid 50's, they have come a lot further in migraine preventatives, information about migraines and doctors being well versed in helping a patient with migraines.

    So in my mid 50's, my migraines are not as intense or as frequent. I am now on daily migraine maintenance that was not offered to me while in my 30's. I also have my 9 "golden" pills a month. I think that my frequency has changed because of menopause. I still get my "weather change" migraines and my occasional "food trigger" ones, but taking Topamax daily has helped lessen them.

    1. As a male, I never had the "change of life" end of migraine promise, that I had heard others sometimes speak of. And to be honest, I don't think that I ever actually spoke to any woman who had actually experienced this phenomenon.
      As I age, I think that some of the damage done years ago due to concussions playing football in high school have started to catch up to me, and may be starting to have some effect. Nothing serious, but enough that my migraines are near daily, and when I get one that is high on the scale, it stays there for several days. Now that it has become nearly impossible for me to obtain any medications which I used to use to abort the really bad ones, I just have to wait them out. I have found a new neurologist who is working with me, and is using Aimovig, to see if that will work with me. However, since nothing over the last 40 years really has helped me much at all, I am not confident that this is going to work either, even though it has a different mechanism. But I am not giving up hope. This doctor is young, and committed to continue until he finds something that will work. So I will be as well.

      1. I had my first migraine at age 38. They have increased in frequency ever since. The first year or two, I got one dibilitating migraine a month with no other migraines in between. Then I began to get migraines every few days, but some are "mild" (5 out of 10). The past six months the longest stretch of time without a migraine has been 6 days. But generally, I lose half my days to migraine.

        1. First migraine at 11 years old, near puberty. Then you could literally keep a calendar with their regularity; every 30 days. And i'm a guy, so not sure how to explain that one. Around the age of 20, they started to taper-off. I would have one every 2-4 months throughout my twenties. Around age 35, I went my first year migraine-free. Now I'm 43 and I've only had two migraines in the past 6 years. I also had one episode around age 40, where I got the usual visual aura, but never got any pain; I was happy about that one!!

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