What Do You Do?

I remember having “headaches” in kindergarten...going to the nurse in every grade and getting the standard aspirin and laying down.
Now that I’m about to turn 50 and have tried at least 50 or more medications from my primary care provider and a few from my neurologist, nothing has actually worked.

My future with migraine

What do you do? I’ve been on long-term disability for 11 years, I now worry about my future. Will I ever get a break from 15-20 a month? Will I be in a care home at 65 with no money and no one to look after me (only parents, sister and niece)? It’s a scary place that migraines have put me and I don’t know if I can recover.

Seeking relief

None of the new migraine medications actually have worked perfectly for me. If the financial assistance is only for a year, then the drugs are not covered by my insurance, costing $1,000! That’s it migraines are costly when trying new medications either to your pocket or your well-being. Some drugs have taken me on a rollercoaster.

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