Do the Doctors Really Know?

When I was young my migraines got so bad that I seriously considered using a drill to relieve the pain. I told the doctors that they came with airborne allergies and was told by a headache specialist that allergies do not cause migraines.

I continued to take allergy medication to ease the suffering. No foods triggered them. Always stuff in the air.

A new solution

A decade later a nutritionist who studied migraines suggested monitoring my carbohydrates. No more, no less than a certain amount 5 times a day. Well... I was eating LESS than that amount and only 3 times a day. Finally, they were livable! No more severe migraine.

The combination that works for me

And yes, allergists now agree that the airborne pollens ARE a cause of migraine, and using allergy medications have eliminated what the carbohydrates reduced.

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