Do not understand why they disappeared and are back?

I remember vividly my first migraine. I was in first grade. We were traveling by auto from Wisconsin to Colorado. I told my mom that the "sun hurt my eyes and head... I wanted to throw up". My mother had a standing history of "Migraines" and told me to just sleep it off. They were sporatic until my child bearing days. Light, noise and no aura, hit one sided like a sledge hammer. Seemed to have hormonal fluctualtions that hit monthly. Fenaphin seemed to ease the intensity, but I avoided using it staying with whatever otc I had on hand.

After my divorce, though becoming a single mom of 3, through their teens the migraines vanished, rarely rearing its head, usually when I was relaxed and having a fun family time. This past year, I noticed I was repeating, "please, I have a headache" to my grand daughter... My left arm would ache and face seem numb cold and tingly at times.

Not anything like my original classic migraine. I thought it was cardiac, neuro, and experienced memory issues, that scared me enough to consult a eye doctor, because my vision would blur while on walks and I'd get stabbing crainial pain. He referred me to a opthamologist that specialised in neuro, who sent me to a neurologist.

My throid was checked, diabetes eliminated, scans, ultrasounds, EEGs all point to migraines of the sensory nature. I have found that with Elavil at bedtime and adequate sleep my migraine is dormant, but I also take one excedrine migraine tab at bedtime and in am prophalatically. However I see no triggers in diet or activity, though I know stress does intensifey. Possible prescriptions may be down the road, but I chose, with my neurologist to take baby I could evaluate memory issues unmasked. There have been no reoccurances. Though when a Headaches hits hard If I skip a dose, I question my decision.

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