Do you really want help or do you just want drugs??

I know that may sound harsh to most migraine sufferers, but I am 64 years old and I have had severe, serious, extremely painful and debilitating Migraines my ENTIRE life. When j say my entire life I DO MEAN my e.n.t.i.r.e. LIFE. my mother said my forst was around 6 WEEKS old. This went on for several months until I reached about 2 years old and could tell mother my head hurt when I was cold, clammy, whiny and throwing up uncontrollably.

I took aspirin to the point of causing problems with my ears ringing and stomach issues. I took anything the doctors would give me even when it meant I would be either knocked out or too spaced out to function. I finally realized i was doing more damage to my body by taking all of these drugs than if I took slow poison for several years. I have some permanent problems from all the drugs I was given over the years.

When I woke up one morning with a very important and very busy day ahead of me and had a serious Migraine coming on...I made a promise to myself to find a better solution than I had ever been given by any doctor. I started trying to find a natural solution to help with the pain and help me function quicker after the pain started and ended than with the drugs. My first try was with biofeedback. That didn't really help for it took more time to get into the rhythm of concentration....which you really can't do with a Migraine....than it took for the flashing (aura) to end and the pain to start.

I tried all the standard suggestions from anybody that had any idea what a Migraine really entailed. I tried self hypnosis tapes and i would go to sleep with the headphones on, but as soon as the tape would end the pain would be worse than ever. I tried Niacin with the usual results....fiery red skin, horrible itching, burning and feeling like a good running fit ending in a cold pool of water would help.

Finally after reading an article in a weekly Sunday newspaper magazine about Feverfew my life changed. And NO...the Migraines don't stop for people like me...who have had them all their lives... after menopause. Mine are just as bad as they ever were if I don't take the feverfew. It has worked for me for almost 15 years now and. I will never be without it as long as I know there is a chance of me having a Migraine at any time.

I don't eat milk chocolate, I am very careful with eating bananas, pepperoni, any kind of aged meat or cheese.....basically anything with Tyramine in it. I prefer to listen to others that have natural and good suggestions about how to control them than talking about all the problems with my Migraines. I am a SURVIVOR....not a VICTIM any longer.

So with all that you want to be a victim or do you want to survive and have as normal a life as possible. takes a while to get over the panic you feel when you know one is about to hit, but after a while it will settle into your brain that the feverfew works and there are NO dangerous drug side effects to deal with now or later down the road from taking all those prescription drugs and OTC pain killers. I wish every Migraine sufferer the very best life has to offer and hope each of you find the peace and ease I have found with the way I handle my migraines now as opposed to many years ago.

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