Does anyone else experience this?

For the last couple of years, since my kids were in elementary school, I have been getting these strange headaches. They come on very quickly and only last from a few seconds, to a few minutes. I first get a sensation at the base of the skull, followed by aching behind my eyes. Sometimes I feel nauseated too. At first they only lasted a second or two, but as time has gone by, the episodes seem to be lasting longer. I also will get a sweeping sensation out of the blue, of dizziness, with no additional symptoms at times. Does anyone else experience this?

In addition to these, I also have ocular migraines with no pain. These are completely separate from what I experience in the above episodes. I have had ocular migraines since my late 20's.

I have only ever experienced 2 full blown migraines in my lifetime, where I had to go to bed due to the pain, light sensitivity, and nausea. However, I had tension headaches every single day during my entire high school years, and into my mid 20's.

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