Don't ignore non-medical treatment options!

I developed severe symptoms as a teen: auras, photo sensitivity, pain and nausea followed by fatigue. I learned early to down some ibuprofen and caffeine, and to retreat to a dark, quiet room. Thank God, the symptoms have lessened as I got older. Now, the fatigue is the most oppressive enemy I face. It can sabotage days on end, if I let it. As a self-employed kinesiologist, this is a big problem.

For the last ten years or more, I am sure to exercise, trying to remain mindful of my stress levels. I started to diligently supplement with lots of magnesium after reading the study linking low Mg levels and migraines. This was a great help. Recently, I further shifted my diet away from wheat and dairy, which is very hard! I find that my gut health is key to fighting the fatigue. I noticed that it all comes crashing down when my gut is not functioning well. Don't know the causal connection yet...migraine first or unhappy gut first.

Further, if none of the above is working well, as it did not work during this last bout of serious weather changes, I resort to acupuncture. I don't leave this for a "last resort", but as my STRONGEST weapon in my arsenal.

I do not go to doctors for medical intervention. Ever. As an exercise/movement professional, I remain at the prevention end, rather than the treatment end, of the spectrum. I can't miss work because I don't feel good. I go any and get dizzy, but remain on my feet. This lifestyle has improved all aspects of my life, not just my migraine history.

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